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Understanding Home Inspection

An Interview with Seasoned WIN Home Inspector Rick Johnson and Realtor® Carol Nigut

A home inspection is a vital part of home ownership whether you are in the process of buying or selling, or are planning on staying in the home for years to come. With the right inspector, you can learn valuable information that will help you make an informed decision before purchasing, or take next steps for maintenance and repairs.

But how do you know you are getting the most out of your home inspection? Seasoned WIN Home Inspector Rick Johnson sat down with Real Estate Agent Carol Nigut to discuss just that.

In the interview, Rick not only explains what a home inspection is, but how it can benefit a wide range of people at different stages of home ownership, from buyers & sellers, to builders and investors.

“We provide a non-invasive visual, physical examination,” says Rick. “Every decade of construction has its own set of issues. We can identify potential issues just by knowing when the home was built.”

These issues can range from lack of insulation, to bad electrical wiring, to inferior plumbing materials. “We look at things in a forensic manner,” Rick goes on. “So anything that we have an understanding of because of the conditions, we can further make recommendations to try to do something about.”

As the interview continues, Carol asks Rick about the value of calling on experienced home inspectors and what sets the best inspectors apart. In his answer, Rick relays the importance of training that goes beyond state requirements, and how inspectors that are part of a professional association like WIN Home Inspection or ASHI have extensive ongoing training that puts them on the next level.

As a home inspector in the Tucson area for over 15 years, Rick is a great source of local knowledge. He has been sought out for his expertise in home Inspection which can include pools/spas, new construction, as well homes build back into the turn of the century. His range of services also includes radon testing and thermal imaging in his area. He points out common issues found in Tucson homes, and goes into detail about next steps for further testing, mitigation, or repairs.

Finally, he ends with this sentiment, “We always go to the next level!”, which is not only apparent from the passion and knowledge Rick expresses throughout the interview, but also just one of the reasons why Carol describes him as her “go to home inspector here in Tucson.”

Watch the interview highlight video above to learn more about home inspection and home ownership, or contact Rick Johnson of WIN Home Inspection at (520) 749-1679.